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Our programme for Parkinson's Disease is based on the principles of functional medicine.

Functional medicine addresses Parkinson's Disease as being the constellation of signs and symptoms that result from an imbalance between neuro-toxic and neuro-trophic factors in a particular part of the brain. These neuro-toxic and neuro-trophic factors originate from disorder within the brain, the body and/or the environment. By taking a system biology approach, as many of the causative factors of the neuro-degeneration as possible are identified and remediated. This approach allows optimal repair of damaged areas of the brain, leading to increased functioning and symptom reduction. There is a limited ability to grow new nerves to replace those killed by the neuro-toxins, but one can certainly improve the current function and future survival of the existing nerves and reduce the progressive nerve damage of Parkinson's Disease and the accumulation of symptoms.

Each individual has their own unique combination of neuro-toxic and neuro-trophic factors that are causing their disorder. However comprehensive history taking, physical examination and testing can identify many of these. Then a tailored treatment program can be constructed.

The best results are usually obtained by combining the conventional and functional medicine approaches. This allows the smoke to be cleared, and at the same time, the fire can be extinguished.

We undertake detailed functional, physiological, blood, stool, urine and medical imaging investigations to objectively quantify your state of brain health and the factors contributing to it.  This involves investigating your whole health including metabolic, cardiovascular and gastro-intestinal health, any chronic infections and many lifestyle factors. We particularly focus on your levels of known neurotoxins, and the functional health of your body's detoxification pathways that are responsible for metabolising and removing these toxins.


Your results are analysed to determine the factors that need to be addressed to reduce further neuro-cognitive decline.


An individualised management program is then formulated to address your biology and lifestyle factors.  Depending upon the extent of the nerve damage, and the ability of the patient to make the appropriate changes that are necessary, results can be seen in 6 to 12 months, sometimes sooner.  Obviously the more severe the disease, the less recovery that is possible.

A successful program will result in:

    more energy and vigour

    reduced tremor and rigidity

    improved posture

    louder, clearer speech

    better hand-writing.

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For more information about management please call or email our clinic as testing and protocols are highly personalised.