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Dr Hart runs a busy functional medicine practice with a special interest in brain health.  Whilst we do have a program specific to those with neurocognitive decline, we also see general functional medicine patients who are interested in anti-ageing medicine where we look for the root cause of symptoms. We identify your current health status and the factors that got you there and that put you at risk of decline and degeneration in the future. We address hormones, gut health, circadian dysfunction, infections, brain fog, fatigue, weight loss and gain, cardiovascular and metabolic disease, tick and vector borne diseases and mould / biotoxin illness.


Dr Hart and his team have completed Dr Dale Bredesen's practitioner training at The Buck Institute for Research on Aging in California, and offer patients access to this groundbreaking protocol which has been shown to reverse early Alzheimer's disease.  


Dr Hart has also trained with Dr Mark Gordon in San Diego, on the use of anti-inflammatories and neurosteroids to reduce neuroinflammation caused by traumatic brain injury, and to create a neuro-permissive environment that allows synaptogenesis and recovery of brain function.


Functional medicine and looking for the root cause of disease is the basis of our practice and Dr Hart has special skills in balancing hormones, healing the gut microbiome and optimising brain neuroplasticity.

What led to my passion for brain health? I turned 50 and was overweight, with constant fatigue and brain fog, a fading memory and no libido or vitality.   I thought if I was like that now, how would I be in ten years? I wasn't happy with the answer. So I started researching anti-ageing and functional medicine, applying what I learnt, and saw the fantastic changes in my body composition, memory, attention and overall vitality and health. The foundation of this was focussing on my brain, metabolic health, hormonal balance, diet, exercise, sleep, stress and circadian rhythm.  I honestly believe I have turned my physical and mental function back twenty years.


Over the recent years, I evolved a program that worked for me and works for my clients and now with thanks to Dr Dale Bredesen we are able to offer hope to those suffering with early dementia.   95% of our patients are personal referrals from other patients, which we greatly appreciate.



Dr John Hart has spent decades training in, and applying the principles of brain health medicine.


​Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery

Masters of Sports Medicine

Certification in Functional Medicine

Board Certification in Nutritional Medicine
Board Certification in Anti-Aging Medicine
Board Certification in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine

Bachelor of Physical Education (Exercise Physiology) First Class Honours, University Medal
Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science
Bachelor of Arts (Physical Education)

Postgraduate courses include:
Cenegenics Practitioner training
American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine, Brain Fitness Certificate
Reversing Alzheimer's Disease, The Buck Institute for Research on Aging
Traumatic Brain Injury practitioner's training, Millennium Health​